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 National Qualifying rules for2019 

By entering into the CGTRO qualifying races, you are confirming that you have read this sheet and agree to abide by the rules set out below;

  1. Driver and car to qualify. If a shared car then all drivers must have obtained their racing licence before the qualifying rounds commence.
  2. Any driver wishing to qualify must be scrutineered and signed on 30 minutes before meeting starts.

  3. Three qualifying rounds will be held, each with two qualifying heats. These qualifying heats will make up the first set of races of the day – separate to the club meeting.

  4. Up to two open races may be run at the discretion of the chairman of the day before qualifying begins.

  5. The dates for the2019 qualifying races are: 26/03 (SC), 14/05 (ST), 11/06 (T).

  6. Drivers must sign with the league secretary at the first qualifying meeting that they attend to state that they wish to take part in “National Qualifying Races”. If you have not signed on to qualify by the 2nd round, you will not be eligible to enter.

  7. Points scored from all 6  of the above races count. If both of the first two rounds are cancelled, for example because of bad weather, then the 21/5 at Scunthorpe will become a qualifying meeting.

  8. Drivers in restricted classes who have signed to take part in National Qualifying must obtain permission to leave the venue at the end of their racing from the Chief Scrutineer or the League Chairman.

  9. Where any cars are tying on national qualifying points there will be a “run-off” at the final qualifying meeting. Note: that it is the driver’s responsibility to establish if he/she is involved in a “run-off”. If the driver leaves the meeting early and is not present when the “run-off” is called they forfeit their opportunity to take part in the “run-off”.

  10. If the final round is cancelled or curtailed the “run-off” will take place at the next CGTRO meeting.

  11. Points scoring to be:– HEATS:  55, 45, 36, 28, 21, 15, 10, 6, 3,2,1  

  12. Note:   A green flag results in docking of 2 positions

  13. Points will be scored according to position within the race.

  14. All green and black flag decisions will be recorded on the lap scoring sheets and announced whenever possible on the Public and/or Pits PA systems.

  15. Points tables to be available by the end of the race meeting if possible.

  16. They will also be on display at the next CGTRO race meeting.

  17. Cars selected for the Nationals will be in order of the qualification tables. There will be no driver nominated substitutes or nomination of cars by league officials. If a driver pulls out or declines to go, the place is taken by the next car/driver combination on the points table. A driver must have raced at least at one of the qualifying rounds.

  18. If you are unable to race at the Nationals, you should inform the League Secretary by the Monday prior to the Nationals so that a substitute driver can be found, if a qualifying driver fails to turn up to race at the Nationals having said he/she will race, and unless there are extenuating circumstances, he/she will not be allowed to attempt to qualify for the following years Nationals. (CGTRO ruling – 12.4.88)

  19. It is the responsibility of the driver who has qualified, along with potential reserves and substitutes to confirm to the League Secretary that they do wish to race at the Nationals by the 11th June2019. If they don’t do so they may forfeit their place.

  20. Any car may be checked by the chief scrutineer or his assistant for eligibility. It is the competitors responsibility to strip the car as required .The competitor may decide to have the car sealed and a date will be arranged for him/her to bring the car and his/her mechanic to the scrutineer (at their expense) to be checked. If the scrutineer incurs travelling expenses, the competitor will be invoiced by the league to cover these costs. 

League Secretary: Sandy Williams - Tel: 01522 684493 / 0793 907 4289
League Chairman: Pete West - Tel: 01724 860317 / 07725 261547
League Chief Scrutineer: John Knipe – Tel: 07958 080351


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